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Understanding ‘Good Education’ for Impact

Piramal Foundation
November 05, 2019

Akanksha, a Gandhi Fellowship Alumna, shares her journey of exploring ‘Good Education’. She talks about insights that helped shape her perspectives and gain learning to work passionately to transform education. Here is her journey in her own words.


“I joined the Gandhi Fellowship because I wanted an in-depth understanding of the government schooling system by being a part of it. The Fellowship helped me understand the everyday challenges that headmasters, teachers, parents, and children face in schools. I built strong relationships with all of them to understand the schooling system from their perspective. One of my most valuable learnings was to understand the importance of relationships in bringing change.

Today, I am putting all these learnings into practice by working with teacher collectives in primary government schools of Bagpat District, Uttar Pradesh. We are implementing a model where both teacher autonomy and the power of collective are put together to nudge teachers to improve classroom practices and nurture both academic and social-emotional capabilities every day.”

Talking about her vision for transforming schooling through Good Education, she says, “ Autonomy builds self-esteem in teachers and gets them to take ownership of their work. By working together in a collective, they hold each other accountable and get space to think, reflect and improve their teaching-learning practices, which positively impacts student learning outcomes. Currently, we are working with 17 primary government schools and hope to take this to the district level and beyond in the next 3 years.” 

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