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Approximately 100 million of India’s poorest reside in 112 Aspirational Districts, which have the lowest human development indicators and are plagued by unique, complex challenges that impede access to water, health, and education.

Aspirational Districts Collaborative, a flagship initiative of Piramal Foundation and NITI Aayog, aims to accelerate and support the government’s efforts to improve the lives of these 100 million people through hyperlocal collaboration and last mile convergence.

The Twin Pillars

Collaboration with 6,000+ potential local institutional players to leverage in-depth community knowledge and facilitate behaviour change. Hyperlocal collaborators include NGOs, youth, media, faith leaders, panchayats, and self-help groups who, under the leadership of the district administration, can transform the lives of their communities.

Convergence between 12 district-level departments to ensure 100% utilization of government programmes and schemes. It will be a significant step towards strengthening governance for transforming on-ground delivery and laying the groundwork for sustainable development in Aspirational Districts.

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