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10,000 drop-out females re-enroll after Female Literacy Campaign, Darrang, Assam

Piramal Foundation
September 28, 2018

Darrang, another Aspirational District under NITI Aayog, where 64% minority population in Darrang lacks awareness on girl child education and faces early child marriages. Piramal Foundation, along with the district administration, chalked out a plan to launch a massive Jan Andolan (Community Engagement) in the district for female literacy and drop out awareness at the grassroots level, in the form of school rallies, community awareness programmes, letter writing competitions etc. by engaging 37 Stakeholders and 1463 Volunteers from the community itself. They leveraged the use of Interactive voice recording system and sensitized the community people through recorded voice messages of drop out girl students. These events were conducted in around 200 villages of the district, with a participation of around 40,000 people. This resulted in a wave of awareness regarding the importance of female literacy in the district, the outcome of which was that 10,000 dropped out children have now re-joined schools in various blocks of the district.