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A view from Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

February 18, 2019

Under the Nutrition Month, a health and awareness demonstration activity was organized for the students of the Tyagi Girls School in Damoh by the Women & Child Development department. Project Officer Sulekha Thakur and the staff provided information about the importance of health and personal hygiene.

During a visit in Damoh, NITI Aayog representative, Ram Singh Nath was appraised of the work being undertaken by the Piramal Foundation team during Nutrition Month. He also visited and inspected the availability of facilities and staff at the aganwadi center .

Piramal Foundation is also in talks with stakeholders on an Urban Model of Anganwadi. The Foundation’s Health & Education teams have jointly begun work on creating a Nutrition Garden at Damoh.

In August 2018, Minister of State for Finance, Shri Jayant Jain Malaiya, also visited the Damoh district hospital where the team apprised him of the work being done to contribute towards improving health indicators in the district