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Building sustainable menstrual practices - Alakshi’s journey

Piramal Foundation
October 24, 2019

Alakshi Tomar, Gandhi Fellowship Alumna, Batch 2014-16, is the co-founder of a menstrual health and hygiene organisation called TruCup. Alakshi works towards growing & building an inclusive community of sustainable and positive menstruators.

Following the Fellowship, Alakshi joined the Strategic Initiatives Group in Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF), where she learnt problem-solving, strategic thinking and focusing on the stakeholders.  

Talking about her experience, Alakshi says “While working in schools in Mumbai, I felt and saw the massive neglect of problems around menstrual health. Inexplicable myths ranging from period blood being labelled ‘dirty’ to girls not bathing during ‘that time of the month’ led to absenteeism, low confidence, less mobility, and a life filled with taboos and stigma. We started a campaign called ‘Wo din, Wo baat’ to counter these problems and spread awareness, and raised around Rs. 30,000, impacting approximately 1000 girls, boys and mothers. While our campaign initiated the conversation, we wanted to look for more sustainable, eco-friendly, economical and scalable solutions. We wanted to build something for every woman, ensuring they are conscious of the products used, taboos perpetuated and the damage caused to the body and environment. Hence, TruCup was born”. 

Her long term goal is to grow and build an inclusive community of sustainable and positive menstruating women across South East Asia. She also wants to create livelihood opportunities for women in the process.  

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