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Community Immersion and District Level Exhibition Churu, Rajasthan

Piramal Foundation
May 06, 2020
It was the first CI for Batch 2019-21 & Third CI for Batch 2018-20, Gandhi Fellows. Its main objective was to present the work done by the fellows during the CI process in the school and community to the officers of the district so that an understanding of the District officials shift into the next level and their participation in the upcoming events of the fellows can be ensured. Fellows had made presentations, charts and posters to present and showcase their work to officials. Everyone visited each stall and discussed in detail with the fellows and understood their works in schools and communities, their eagerness to work in Churu district.

The purpose of this exhibition of community immersion is to determine how Fellows made an attempt to live in deconditioning and solve community-related problems. It was a great satisfaction to all fellows that they completed the Community Immersion in the most difficult communities in respective blocks named Churu, Rajgarh, Ratangarh, Sujangarh & Taranagar. Churu is geographically is one of the coldest districts in the state of Rajasthan.

A total of Six Galleries placed in the exhibition to advocate the School Leadership Development Program(SLDP) Journey in Churu district

1. SLDP at a Glance in Churu (A journey from 2008 to 2020)
2. Integrated Curriculum-4 for Gandhi Fellows to share the success around the tracks.
3. Fellowship Processes (To Visualize two-year journey of a Fellow)
4. BOLO App
5. Virtual Field Support (VFS) aided SLDP

This Exhibition emulated the hope and aspirations of our fellows in becoming the leader of tomorrow. The comments gathered from this exhibit were informative in understanding how the audience received the entire show lead by the Piramal fellows. Fellows showcased CI projects to the visitors under the guidance of the operation team. All the visitors left the exhibition with a happy and supportive note with the hope to get involved in a further program organized by the fellows.

The day was graced by the presence of Kumar Ajay, Additional Director Public, and Relationship, Churu., Sampat ram Barupal, Chief District Education Officer, Churu, Kamal Swami, ACBEO Rajgarh, Churu and various members from our internal team and media representatives.