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Defeating Adversity

Piramal Foundation
October 12, 2018

Naseeb Chahar, a shy girl from a very conservative family in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, got married at a very young age. Her family, oblivious of the power of education, were strictly against her pursuing her studies. But Naseeb had dreams of her own. She wanted to be independent and do something more with her life.

She joined Virtual Field Support as an Associate. Being an introvert, she found it quite difficult to engage with people in the beginning. Naseeb also found technology to be a challenge. But she didn’t allow her weaknesses to stand in the way of her success.  She worked very hard and improved her communication and technical skills. Her efforts and results were recognised and she was promoted as a Team Leader.

Now Naseeb manages a team of 10 Associates and is a motivation to other girls of her community. She supports her family financially and has convinced her parents to encourage her sisters to pursue higher education as we