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Gopikrishna Piramal Memorial Hospital

February 18, 2019
Gopikrishna Piramal Memorial Hospital (Piramal Hospital), located at Lower Parel, Mumbai, was established in 1983 with the mission to reduce the burden of disease for to the depressed socio economic sections of the society. Piramal Hospital is registered with the Commission of Charities, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

This was a period of epidemics of Anterior Poliomyelitis, (polio) a virulent virus that led to crippling paralysis of limbs in children. Also prevalent on large scale were epidemics of measles, chicken pox, and high incidence of tuberculosis in shanty areas of Mumbai. Vaccination drive against these diseases was started at the inception of the hospital.

Dr. Swati Piramal, Medical Director, declared Lower Parel as NO Polio Zone in 1984. Piramal Hospital braced itself to surmount all odd to face this daunting challenge, starting with a vaccination drive, awareness regarding  hazards of contracting these diseases, and promotion of vaccination on massive scale using street plays, documentaries, slide shows, handouts in multiple vernacular languages, home visits was carried out in shanty habitats. 

The dimension of treatment, restoration, and rehabilitation for afflicted children was initiated with physiotherapy and workshop for calipers, splints appliances for polio afflicted children. 

The scope of treatment, restoration, and rehabilitation was further expanded to include children with brain damage (Cerebral Palsy), physical, mental and visual challenges. The Child Guidance Clinic comprising multiple pediatric specialties offered their expertise to these specially-abled children.  

The hospital expanded the scope of medical services with multi-specialty clinics to adult patients at free/ highly subsidised charges in 1987.

Opening of the unique Piramal Fitness and Sports Sciences Centre in 1988 introduced integration of physiological, biomechanical, kinetic, ergonomical and nutritional, approach to achieve peak sports performance amongst aspiring sportsmen/women in India. Elite teams from BCCI, Tennis and Hockey Federations were tested and trained for parameters of performance.  

Piramal Hospital was the first Charitable General Hospital that had the distinction to have been awarded ISO 9000 accreditation in 1996.

From 2007 onwards, the focus for the medical services has been on prevention and management of health disorders, namely, Diabetes and Hypertension in economically backward areas of Mumbai.

Detection Camps 
Piramal Hospital conducts free Detection Camps for Diabetes and Hypertension at various residential locales of economically disadvantaged population. 

Weekly Out Patient Clinics
A weekly Out Patient Clinic is conducted by a Physician, Nurse and Co-coordinator.
The medical service for patients comprises examination, monitoring of blood pressure (B.P.), blood test for Blood Glucose (sugar) at entry and periodically, counseling on nutrition, exercise, eye foot care, dispensing free medicines, and maintain records. 
Adult Vaccination service is offered at the hospital and to corporates at work place.

Dialysis Technology Training Programme
Piramal Hospital conducts a nine month Dialysis Technology Training Programme, Certificate  Course in affiliation with Department of Continuing Adult Education and Extension Work, SNDT Women’s University’s,  Mumbai, to fulfill the acute shortage of trained professionals for therapeutic management of patients with End Stage Renal  (kidney) Disease, a serious consequence of long term uncontrolled Diabetes and Hypertension. This was the first ever university affiliated Course in Dialysis Technology in Western India.