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Piramal Sarvajal partners with iCreate

September 20, 2018

Piramal Sarvajal signed an MoU to enter into a Thematic Partnership, to provide Community Level Drinking water Solution, with iCreate (an incubator for Indian start-ups and “Safe landing Pad” for Israeli innovative companies).

The exclusive bilateral relationship will promote Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology towards solutions for community level drinking water issues. Sarvajal will evaluate community level technologies incubated at iCreate, support beta testing of innovations and help them with market acceptability and scaling up.

Earlier this year, Piramal Sarvajal took part in the Pears Program where Israeli companies participated in the Israel Global Innovation Challenge. This was a joint program of Invest India and the Israel Innovation Authority in order to support Indian and Israeli start-ups in developing and piloting technologies with potential global impact.

While hosting the winners in the water sector for India, iCreate reached out to Sarvajal for a field visit to Sarvajal’s locations leading to this association.

As per the MoU, iCreate would be responsible for:

  • Convert NextGen innovators into successful businesses in the thematic area.
  • Curate support in exploring the Indian market for Israeli innovators and aid in relevant technology transfer from Israel.
  • Promote growth of entrepreneurial ecosystem which leverages innovations and technology by offering space for innovations to be improved and become market ready

Piramal Sarvajal would be responsible for:

  • Evaluate the technology appropriateness to the context
  • Support beta testing of the appropriate innovations with mentors and experts
  • Partnership for market acceptability and scaling up of the technologies tested

This is a huge milestone for Piramal Sarvajal as it positions itself as an industry expert and forges successful partnerships to bring about sustainable impact at a scale.