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SARATHI 104 HIHL completes 8 years of service in Assam

February 08, 2019

Piramal Swasthya has been the toll-free SARATHI ‘104’- Health Information Helpline Service in Guwahati since 2010. It is a 24×7 source for answering all health queries that is availed just by dialing the number ‘104’.

The helpline connects people to doctors for medical advice, offers counseling services regarding matters of HIV / AIDS condition, matrimonial discord, depression, chronic diseases, psychological distress, and suicidal tendencies. It also provides directory information regarding health service providers, hospitals, diagnostic centers and pharmacists in four different languages.

Sarathi 104 also receives Service Improvement calls, aiming at improving the delivery of existing public health services in Assam.

All this in four different languages – Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, and English.

The Government of Assam under the National Health Mission has been increasing focus on the preventive aspect of diseases. However, for prevention, it is important that a hassle-free and single-window medical advice solution with round the clock availability.

After an ongoing and uninterrupted service delivery of 8 years, Sarathi 104 Health Information Helpline has provided health and medical advice to more than 47 lakh beneficiaries.

Counseling services were provided to around 1 lakh beneficiaries and more than 35 thousand information seeking calls were handled by the team.

Support has been extended to more than 31 thousand calls which were received from state ASHA workers.

Apart from this, the Sarathi 104 helpline is supporting National Health Mission/Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Assam as a major tool for registration of complaints and suggestion for improvement of public health system from the people of Assam. Till date, more 10,492 complaints were registered through Sarathi 104.

In addition to Sarathi, Piramal Swasthya is working closely with the Government of Assam on community outreach and advocacy programs complementing & supplementing the Healthcare System in Assam to help improve the overall healthcare indicators of the state.