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Sarvajal’s unique sustainable franchisee model presented at the Water Credit Forum

February 08, 2019

Sarvajal’s Water ATM saw its first few successes in the villages of Bagar and Laxmangarh in Rajasthan. Both these villages have had Water ATMs functional for the last 2 years and boast of more than 500 registered consumers. The owner of the Laxmangarh Sarvajal Franchise, Abhir Modi, also owns a petrol pump which is where he has installed the Water ATM. Consumers come to his petrol pump to refuel their vehicles and quench their thirst!  Abhir Modi has been lovingly nicknamed as ‘Jal Devta’ by the residents of Laxmangarh.

Laxmi Devi gets 40 liters of water daily for her family of seven. When asked to reminisce about her pre-Water ATM days she simply shudders and shakes her head. “There’s no use thinking about the past when the present has put the power in our hands in the form of this ATM Card.”

Sarvajal’s Franchisee is a unique opportunity to run your own successful business within your community. You will have access to the benefits of the Sarvajal brand, its patented technology, infrastructure development, marketing, and maintenance support. Sarvajal’s business model enables you (the franchisee) to gain rapid expansion of your business with a much lower capital outlay and lesser risk. You can leverage Sarvajal’s experience of setting up 200+ franchisees. Sarvajal offers it’s patented, in-house designed, 5-stage remote sensing enabled purification machine, real-time online monitoring of vital parameters to improve your operational efficiency, quality and performance and a Water ATM which is, first of its kind, solar powered, cloud-enabled RFID water dispensing unit to help expand your customer base.

Jarnail Singh has been a proud owner of Sarvajal’s Franchise in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, for the last 2 years. He owned a successful electrical appliances business when he took up the franchise. In fact, quite a few Sarvajal Franchisees have benefitted from his expertise in setting up their chilling units. When the Sarvajal Team visited him to hand over his Franchisee Bonus, for being one of the top franchises, Jarnail Singh had a surprise of his own for them. He informed the team that he was planning on completely shutting down his primary business and expanding his Sarvajal Franchise with a second machine and a couple of more vehicles. He plans to be the sole water supplier for all of Hanumangarh.

When asked about the reason behind taking such a big step, Jarnail Singh says, “It is a lot of work but what you get in return is also as rewarding. Making money is important but knowing you’re affecting people’s lives daily is irreplaceable. This work deserves my complete attention.”

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