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Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) is a change management organization working in the field of education. PFEL started its intervention in 2008 with a focus to improve learning outcomes in public schools in India by supporting Public Education System Leaders to cause self and systemic behaviour change through:

Developing Leadership Skills: PFEL works closely with the District Education officials, Principals and Teachers across 5 states to develop their leadership skills by conducting workshops on leadership development, implementing Need-based Assessment Tools and providing on field support with our Gandhi fellows.

Improving Processes: PFEL works closely with the Principals, Teachers and officials of Public Education system to improve processes in schools and the school administration system such as Library, Assembly, Mid-Day Meal, BAL Sabha, distribution of free items for schools, delivery of teaching-learning material, officials’ recruitment and induction process etc.

Deploying Technology: PFEL supports Education officials, Principals and Teachers by implementing unified scalable technology solutions which provide an assessment based digital learning, remote support, and encourages group learning for Education officials.

Piramal School of Leadership is a training facility located in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India. Established in 2013 by PFEL, as a unique training centre to spearhead education leadership in India, Piramal School of Leadership offers services to develop leadership skills and relevant knowledge by training government teachers, headmasters, resource persons, block/district administrators and youth in order to positively impact the quality of education in schools. PFEL runs Gandhi Fellowship program, a professional program in transformational leadership for young social entrepreneurs. PFEL provides youth with the opportunity for personal transformation through self-discovery and thereby, leads social transformation.

  • 1360
    No. of schools impacted directly
  • 3LACS
    No. of students impacted directly
  • 4Cr
    No. of students impacted indirectly
  • 6481
    No. of government officials impacted
  • > 18%
    Learning outcomes achieved : (From 28% to 46% for class 3 & 5 in Math & Language)

School Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

School Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is a leadership development program for government school Headmasters and teachers to efficiently manage the school and effectively engage with the staff & communities to improve student learning outcomes.

Scale & Reach
  • states
    5 States
  • district
    12 Districts
  • school
    1360 Schools

District Transformation Program (DTP)

District Transformation Program (DTP) is a leadership development program for district education system leaders (BEEO, BEO, DIET faculty, BRC and CRC level officials) to transform schools by developing people, process and data management system. PFEL has enabled district education officials to facilitate the culture of collaboration and accountability for setting shared goals, leading impact-driven initiatives, sharing best practices across 3 districts in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. PFEL has recently partnered with NITI Aayog to implement DTP in 25 of the Aspirational districts of the country.

Scale & Reach
  • states
    3 States
  • district
    25 Aspirational districts

State Transformation Program (STP)

State Transformation Program (STP) is a leadership development program for district education system leaders (DEO - District Education Office, DEEO - District Education Extension Officer, DIET - District Institute for Education and Training principal, ADPC - Assistant District Project Coordinator RMSA - Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and ADPC SSA - Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) to transform schools by developing people, process and data management system. PFEL has launched STP in 2016 in Delhi and Jammu Kashmir and in 2017 in states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Jharkhand to transform state education by building the leadership of education officials, strengthening organization structure, re-engineering processes and managing data flows.

Scale & Reach
  • states
    10 States
  • school
    20,000 State Education Officials

Virtual Field Support (VFS)

PFEL has set up Virtual Field Support centres that provide support to Government officials and school leaders. PFEL identified local community women as the key resource to provide contextualized and empathetic support to officials and create social impact in the communities.

The VFS support centres provide 4 different services to our stakeholder:
Calls: To diagnose specific issues regarding their roles or pedagogy using FAQs consisting of a repository of questions to get solutions and provide instant guidance. Virtual Learning Labs: Establish virtual learning groups using the WhatsApp platform where they facilitate discussions on frequent issues in schools, with officials or pedagogical aspects. Awazde platform: Receive broadcast requests for which they prepare broadcast scripts and conduct broadcast calls and messages to multiple users. Classroom Video Analysis: Analyse and code observation data from the video and publish analysis files for each video. These files help in enhancing teaching skills through supporting workshops and through feedback calls

Scale & Reach
  • states
    4 States
  • Centers
    4 Centers
  • community-women
    80+ Engaged Community women
  • community-women
  • school-leaders
    200+ School leaders
  • classroom
    900+ Classroom Videos
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