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Gandhi Fellowship provides a platform for youth who wish to:

  • Engage themselves on grass root action
  • Discover themselves
  • Find purpose in their work
  • Develop market relevant skills

Through the Fellowship the youth develop self-awareness, leadership skills and the acumen to solve social problems to impact lakhs of lives.

Gandhi Fellows are recruited from top colleges across the nation. Gandhi Fellows undergo a rigorous 5-stage selection process, picking the most qualified students who excel in academics and extracurricular activities , from top colleges across India. The Fellow cohort is an amalgamation of rural and urban backgrounds, with the right gender balance.

The selection process is intense and diverse. The process tests the candidates on whether they have the grit, mindset, problem solving capabilities and the motivation to become next nation builders.

  • 450+
    Recruited Fellows
  • 700+
    Fellows work in Government, CSR and NGOs

Gandhi Fellowship

School change

The Fellows undergo a two year program that propels them towards becoming a nation builder through a Fellow works with his 5 peers to cause an impact in 25 schools which are allocated to them through implementing field tested tools, conducting workshops and providing field support.


Gandhi Fellowship

Community change

During community immersion, the Fellows go into the school communities and convince the members to let them stay in the community, try out different labour jobs, manage to create awareness and increase involvement of community in the education processes at school. The public system project enables the Fellow in finding connection to a problem. Solving it by collaborating at all levels with internal and external people, this builds an entrepreneurial mind-set in the fellows.


Gandhi Fellowship


The first year of the Fellowship is an intense learning and unlearning experience. The Fellows are unlearning a lot of what they had learnt so far, overcoming their prejudices, changing their mind-sets etc. At the same time, they are learning the way the organization functions, the way the education system in their geography functions, how to manage change and influence others’ mind-sets etc. Meditation for 10 days at a Vipassana centre is an essential part of Fellowship curriculum and Fellows journey within.

The New Millionaire Program (TNMP)

The New Millionaire Program (TNMP) was set up to provide support to Fellows and alumni for 10 years to succeed as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and pursue higher education. The formula of 2 years of Fellowship support and 8 years of alumni support will result in creating millionaires who impact lakhs of lives.

Fellows impact million lives in following ways:

  • 29 alumni

    launched organizations with innovative solutions to solve multiple problems in the Indian ecosystem

  • 46 alumni

    impacting strategies and operations across corporate CSRs, NGOs and Social Enterprises and Government departments, respectively

  • 38 alumni

    secured admissions in top national and international colleges

Over 579 Gandhi Fellowship alumni all over India are creating impact. The program motivates Fellows to become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

There are 29 entrepreneurs, 506 intrapreneurs (higher education, Government, CSR, NGO) and 73 others.

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