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January 01, 2024 | PIRAMAL FOUNDATION

Invited by Porticus to be part of an international collaboration "Measuring What Matters"

For holistic development of students, Piramal Foundation have been working towards common goals around Whole Child Development (WCD), with three-pronged approach

  • Whole Child Development Lens
  • Systemic Change Approach
  • Focus on Children/Youth in adversities

In the presence of policy reform organizations like OECD and UNESCO, educational institutions like Brookings institute, University of Notre dame etc. and NGOs like PFE, Ziziafrique Foundation and Asia society etc; Piramal Foundation got the opportunity to contribute and learn what should be measured and assessed for holistic development of students. The overarching lens for WCD is one which considers the specific context of children and youth facing extreme adversities, a population where context is most critical. One of the key elements of fostering resilience is aligning the ecosystem of the child and understanding the inter sectional nature of the basic needs of children and youth. Therefore, it is important to identify what matters the most (which skills to assess), for whom and measurement at what level (classroom, school, local, national levels); as well as what it means to implement a global framework locally.


Piramal School of Leadership