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January 24, 2024 | PIRAMAL FOUNDATION

Media Convergence Workshops Propel Inclusive Development in Odisha

Aspirational Bharat Collaborative launched a pioneering series of Local Media Convergence Workshops in Odisha's districts of Nabarangpur, Koraput, and Raygada. These workshops, designed to spark transformative dialogue, centred around the theme "Gaon Samvad, Sarkari Suchna, Mera Khabar Kab Banega" aiming to bridge local journalists, district administration, and communities.

The workshops emphasized critical societal issues like girl child education and scholarship programs, engaging over 150 journalists and 20 officials in a mission to enhance inclusive development by 2047. The workshops focused on cultivating compassionate journalism and empathetic governance, acting as a catalyst for societal upliftment and addressing historical injustices.

BharatCollab's strategy moving forward involves transforming these dialogues into a sustained movement (Jan Andolan) and enhancing community participation (Jan Bhagidari), with mechanisms for feedback, expanded engagement, and documentation of success stories.

The inception of these workshops was motivated by the need to shift development and governance narratives, leveraging media as a tool for compassionate storytelling and policy influence. The workshops achieved notable shifts in media narratives towards developmental initiatives, with a special focus on girl child education and scholarships.


Aspirational Bharat Collaborative