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January 01, 2024 | Goldie Negi PSL - school of Inclusion

Pankaj: an innocent Child with million-dollar smile

This is the story of Pankaj, a child with special needs with intellectual Disability.

Pankaj journey from roads to getting in school was filled with challenges. His mother’s mental health condition is not good despite of their continuous efforts involved engaging with Pankaj’s neighbors, shopkeepers and reaching to his family members, including his father and aunt. Ensuring Pankaj’s admission to Resource center. Gradually, Pankaj began showing improvements with the support of a special educators and the dedicated fellows in his behavior, body language and Pankaj’s that million dollar smile.

However, Pankaj’s absence during an event raised a concern. Gandhi Fellows leading to a search for him in the community after not been able to reach to his guardians. It was discovered that his family had left to Jaipur due to some emergency, leaving Pankaj in his mother’s house. Despite efforts to place Pankaj with his close relatives, the situation remained unsettled. Additionally, Pankaj’s health became a worry when he was found with a fever and shivering. Despite the challenges, the fellows remained hopeful, as Pankaj’s guardians returned. The readiness of the fellows to continue addressing this situation, even during the upcoming Diwali holidays, underscores their unwavering commitment to Pankaj’s well-being and continuous education.