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India has nearly 30 million people with disabilities each with unique needs that require special attention. More often than not, children with disabilities remain invisible, as they are not seen as key contributors to the growth of our country. Wide structural gaps and absence of adequate, quality care for these children have only exacerbated the situation and alienated them from the mainstream. India's Sustainable Development Goal of leaving no one behind in all areas can be achieved only when everyone advances and grows sufficiently, irrespective of their physical disabilities.

The Piramal Centre for Children with Special Needs is being established as a world-class institute for children with disabilities to empower them to become self-sufficient and productive. We are building a lighthouse of excellence with state-of-the-art design and amenities, world class curriculum, specialised applications and tools to accelerate learning, and skill building that would open up employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

This inclusive institute incorporates a world-class curriculum and pedagogy with an emphasis on social, emotional, and ethical competencies, as well as experiential learning, that will prepare these children to navigate life situations independently and thrive in the 21st century. It will also integrate cutting-edge assistive technologies into specialised applications and tools. Included are cutting-edge design and amenities such as sports training centres, hostels, PWD-run kitchens and cafeterias, along with libraries and clubs.

Collaborations have been forged with experts on persons with disabilities and curriculum development to bring the best to and kickstart the institute.